Go Set A Watchman

NGo Set A Watchmano pressure then... Just design a cover for the biggest book of the year (decade?). In design terms this was a cover that was never going to win. It is already shrouded in so many emotions by so many people ...


Katie’s Kiss

I know, I know - it's yet another Katie Price novel. AND it has a headless woman on the cover (Fixabook's pet hate). But this is a post in celebration of the author name and how it is treated. There ...


Periscope (new...

At Fixabook, we're a bit obsessive about spines. So we love Garnet for choosing to launch their new imprint by showing theirs. This is a great way to make sure a new list of little-known authors gains traction ...

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  • Nicola O. on Half Bad
    It’s very cool, but I will say that I cannot tell if the title is Half Bad or Bad...
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