The Bubble

Sbubble-wrap-boy-jpg-largeome of the most innovative and eye-catching cover designs are to be found on children's books at the moment - a much-needed response, perhaps, to the many other, very visual demands on children's time and interest. The Bubble Wrap Boy is a fantastic example ...


Pitt Cue Co. —...

pitt-cueThis is one of the great blurbs - indeed, we have even heard people talk about it at dinner parties. (Yes, those are the kind of dinner parties we go to...) Why is it so noteworthy? Because it consists of nothing more than a letter from ...


Ketchup Clouds/My...

kc-packshotThis book choice was not made by me. My ten-year-old daughter came rushing up, delighted, to show me these beautiful sprayed edges (a feature on both Annabel Pitcher's exquisitely designed paperbacks). Most importantly, she was very clear about the message the book was ...

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Fixabook is the only place on the web that analyses book design and gives strategic and creative guidance on jackets, blurbs and spines. The aim is quite simple; Fixabook wants to celebrate the very best in book design while at the same time, helping people to think more deeply about their book covers. Find out more
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