Gone Girl

gone-girlEvery now and again a novel comes along that gets the publisher very excited. For once they actually believe each other when they claim ‘This book could be huge”.

In these situations it is always interesting to see whether the publisher dare do something distinctive. Or whether they stick to the genre rules to keep the retail buyers happy.

Gone Girl is an example of achieving a near perfect balance between genre conservatism and innovation.

On the one hand they’ve jumped on the ‘Flourescent Colour’ bandwagon that is sweeping through Crime Fiction (Peter Robinson, Martina Cole, Ian Rankin, etc) and they’ve also grabbed the ‘roundel quote’ idea from Jo Nesbo.

But by combining these tricks with a bold black cover adorned with nothing more than a few wisps of hair (a clever hint of forensics to signal the genre) they have produced something very fresh and confident.

Commercial but also different — No wonder this book is already becoming a winner.

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