Pure and Sorry

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Ah…so what was an original idea is now ‘The New Thing’

Why is it proving popular in these tough economic times when production costs are being kept to a minimum?

1) It catches the eye on the shelf — thus giving the books more presence and stand-out

2) It means retailers are likely to stock at least two copies of the book (side-by-side) giving it more prominence and maybe even making it look like a ‘bigger’ book than it is in reality.

Simple but effective.

We much prefer the impact of the “Pure’ version but now are we about to see a deluge of “Cover Twins” ?

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  1. Richard

    Sorry was certainly not a copycat, as the HB jacket was mono it made perfect sense to have inverted spines.

    Also, it has a few bob spent on finishes (soft touch etc..), so no scrimping here!

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