Pure and Sorry

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Ah…so what was an original idea is now ‘The New Thing’

Why is it proving popular in these tough economic times when production costs are being kept to a minimum?

1) It catches the eye on the shelf — thus giving the books more presence and stand-out

2) It means retailers are likely to stock at least two copies of the book (side-by-side) giving it more prominence and maybe even making it look like a ‘bigger’ book than it is in reality.

Simple but effective.

We much prefer the impact of the “Pure’ version but now are we about to see a deluge of “Cover Twins” ?

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Don’t Tell

karen-roseThis cover is one of a new breed; They are driven purely by commercialism and supermarket sales. For a start, it is desperate to convince you that the author is a ‘brand’. (Why else would her name be so big?) And if the author name is that big, hell why not make the title just as large too? (Otherwise this will look just like her last book) Then of course the “Sunday Times Bestseller’ line must be included (More re-assurance that this is a big name) And who could forget the strap line that by some unwritten publishing law is supposed to be added to any commercial thriller. (Apparently it is mandatory that they give the Tesco Buyer goosepimples)

And what about the visual? Can you see it? Oh yes..a torch and a shackle. Great.

Here is a cover that has done everything it can to look like every other crime thriller on the market. I am sure it will sell by the bucket load to those Crime readers that hoover up anything on offer within the genre, but how is this author ever going to move up to the next level if she is always packaged by the rules?