The Teleportation Accident

teleportation-1Here at Fixabook, we’re often to be found bemoaning the lack of time and effort publishers seem to give to their back covers, even on books with wonderfully designed fronts.

So it’s a real pleasure to find a fabulous exception — The Teleportation Accident.

Sceptre’s designers have created a rich, tactile and utterly desirable hardback, with beautiful colours and finishes. What we love is the fact that they have lavished as much care on the back as on the front, with a really pleasing result.

True, the quotes chosen aren’t particularly special… but the design actually makes you want to read them. Even the barcode has been placed carefully to add to the sense that this is something unusual and special. Overall, the design works hard to make the mysterious title appealing rather than off-putting.

It’s a book you want to pick up, stroke and explore — front and back. Lovely…

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