ratburger-1This cover merits close attention by any of you out there with authors who are genuine brands in their own right. Of course, the main text is a guaranteed child-pleaser, full of bogies, bullies and spit. But it’s the first-person approach that we find really intriguing.

The author’s voice adds warmth and confidence. For children who know Walliams in a range of guises — author, actor, presenter — it is exciting to be spoken to in this way.

Now think about the possibilities for other genres. How about a crime author using their blurb to describe how they construct their plots? A historical novelist exploring their favourite character? This is an opportunity to speak directly to readers, to give them an insight into the mind of their favourite authors, and to do something very different.

(As an added bonus, underneath the jacket is a great Tony Ross illustration — another example, like My Time, of a designer doing something extra and special and thus making the overall package irresistible.)

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